Window Safety Compliance for Large Complexes in Sydney NSW

For large projects, planning and deploying the process towards compliance with NSW strata window child safety laws can often be complex and long-winded. Breaking down this process involves many tasks, including deriving initial estimates for budgeting and quoting, setting a suitable and convenient schedule, accommodating for bookings and/or re-visits, and of course conducting the physical installation, testing and certification of child safety devices and locks.

With our extensive experience and dedicated team of technicians, we are able to substantially smooth this process, increasing the speed of deployment while reducing hassles and headaches for management! Below I have listed some large strata plans (greater than 500 windows) for which we recently rolled out a complete window safety compliance solution in 2017. References available on request.

By the way, as the deadline for compliance is 13th March 2018 (only around 6 months away!), any large complexes that have not yet installed window safety devices (or at least conducted an audit) should do so immediately. Feel free to contact one of our staff members on 0410 061 851 or at our CBD showroom to discuss.

1. World Tower Lowrise (up to Level 36)

An iconic Sydney building, this strata plan contained roughly 300 apartments that were each inspected, with Remsafe cable devices fitted where necessary.

Window Safety for World Tower Sydney

2. Astoria Tower

For this large Sydney building, a window safety compliance solution was provided concurrently with custom reinforcement of existing awning window hinges.

3. Aero Apartments

A large complex consisting of six individual buildings and well over 300 apartments, Aero Apartments spans a substantial geographical space increasing the time required for installation. A building-by-building installation plan was adopted and window safety compliance requirements eventually met.

4. High Park Tower

A very large building in the north of Sydney (Chatswood), High Park Tower contains over 250 apartments. Over the course of only one week, apartments were visited and window safety devices fitted to sliding aluminum windows and awning windows where required.

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