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At Windows Safety Sydney, our expert team of technicians provide a complete suite of window restrictor and safety device services to the entire Sydney area. Our services are targeted towards ensuring your windows are child-safe and compliant with NSW strata scheme management laws (as first introduced by Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Regulation 2013). These recent laws impose responsibility on Owners Corporations to ensure window safety compliance before the deadline of 13th March 2018.


In order to support a smooth and easy transition, we at Window Safety Sydney work with many strata agencies, committees and building managers throughout Sydney. Our efficient and convenient tailor-built service involves the following 4-step process towards compliance:

Initial Site Inspection

After contacting us, the standard first step is to arrange a site inspection. A window locks expert will attend and visually inspect the types of windows (whether Sliding, Awning, Casement, or Double Hung) and physically inspect a couple of windows. We will then provide an assessment and let you know our recommendation for child safety, as well as your legal requirements under the NSW window safety strata legislation

Quotation for Window Restrictors

We next provide a detailed quotation for the entire works, with a clear and detailed explanation. This quotation is obligation-free and subject to approval, and we recommend quality products that usually far exceed the regulatory requirements for your peace of mind. Our prices are very competitive and we are usually happy to beat other competitor written quotes by 5%.

Scheduling Supply and Installation

After approving the quotation, we will liaise with building management to schedule installation over a suitable 1-5 day period (depending on size of building) and notify tenants/owners. Our tradesmen will then install the window restrictors during this period in a clean and professional manner while adhering to the schedule. 

Certificate of Compliance

Upon completion, we will provide a certificate of compliance assuring you that the windows have been fitted with window restrictors that have been independently tested and meet/exceed NSW legislation requirements. For assurance and peace of mind, we can also perform 250N force/pressure testing of each individual window for assurance.

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Importance of Child Safe Window Devices

Unfortunately, each year many children fall from either windows or balconies in NSW. To prevent such tragedies, the NSW Government recently launched the "Kids Don't Fly" Campaign aimed at educating and encouraging child-safety considerations. Visit Kids Don't Fly NSW for brochures and check-lists. This safety issue is of utmost importance, and obviously extends not only to residential apartments, but also to homes more generally. 

Window Safety FAQ
1. What are the new strata laws?

In 2013, amendments to the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (NSW) were passed into law, stipulating that strata-managed residential buildings are required to fit certain windows with safety devices for restricting openings to 12.5cm. The owners corporation is responsible (and therefore liable for fines if compliance is not met by the 2018 deadline) for ensuring these requirements are met.

3. Can these products be fitted to houses?

Yes, definitely! Although balconies are often a greater concern in houses (due to low elevation of house windows), it is always better to be safe and fit window restrictors if you have young children in your home. Indeed, under the Building Code of Australia, upper-level windows in new homes should be fitted with window safety devices.

2. Which windows fall under these new laws?

If the following two conditions are met, then a window restrictor is required to limit opening to 12.5cm:

(i)   From the inside, the bottom of the window is less

      than 1.7m from the floor.

(ii)  From the outside, the potential fall (as measured between the distance between the internal floor and external floor) is greater than 2m. 

4. What kind of windows can restrictors be fitted to?

In short, any! Our safety devices are high quality and can be fitted to Sliding, Awning, Casement, and Double Hung windows. We are a preferred Remsafe dealer, which is a locally-owned manufacturer of quality window safety restrictors (see Products page). If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and speak directly with one of our expert technicians or locksmiths.

... and finally, why choose Windows Safety Sydney?

Here are just some reasons you should consider using our services for assistance:

1.   We are skilled and licensed security consultants with many years experience in the industry, have close

      associations with aluminum and window installers, and have an expert understanding of the strata Child

      Window Safety Devices legislation.

2.   We provide a professional and hassle-free full service, from initial inspection and quotation, to scheduling a

      clean installation, and providing a certificate of compliance. If accurate pressure testing of each individual

      window is required, we are also able to provide this service.

3.   We use premium Australian products that far exceed the legislation requirements and are able to withstand        

      significant applied force. Our products also come with at 24 months manufacturer warranty for your peace of


4.   We quote prices that are very competitive and within the lower range of the market without compromising on

      service. Indeed, in the majority of cases, we are so confident in our service that we are happy to beat other

      written competitor quotes by at least 5%! 

5.   With the benefit of the central location of our head office, we service the entire Sydney area and so can assist with

      a broad geography of strata-managed properties. Ask about our free on-site inspections offer (conditions apply),

      which many strata managers are currently taking advantage of.

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